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Bathroom Refurbishment

  • Cracked tiles, drafty windows, and faulty plumbing are simply signs that you're in need of bathroom refurbishment and care. We will provide you with ace bathroom fitters and installers for both complete or small bathroom renovations

Planning and Budget

  • We can work within the limitations of your budget, fixed to a bathroom refurbishment cost, as well as finishing a bathroom installation in the estimated time for the job. This is a fast and cost-effective way to deal with this type of home improvement.


  • Our skilled craftsmen will make sure that you are absolutely content with the results.

How long will my bathroom take?

  • Bathrooms are a major wet area within the home, so it’s important to ensure correct waterproofing to avoid risk of structural damage as a result of dampness, water leaks and condensation.

  • At HAK projects we focus on ensuring the bathroom is adequately waterproofed, yet still allowing the bathroom to breath to avoid damp. A professional bathroom renovation can take anything from 10 days, up to a month, depending on your requirements.

  • Many factors need to be considered when planning a bathroom renovation. For example, the size of tiles and/or if they are patterned etc, will affect the duration of the project. We believe when renovating a bathroom, you get what you pay for.

  • A high-quality bathroom takes time and attention, so opting for the cheapest, you may pay the price in the long term. 

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